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Wall putty/Skim coat

Additives for Wall Putty Skim Coat 

Skim coat is also called wall putty, is a fine powder made of white cement which is mixed with water & other admixtures to create a solution that can fills the cracks, imperfections, and gaps in the wall to create an flawless surface over any type of interior or exterior wall.


Wall putty/Skim coat


Recommended Products

Product Info Polymer Base Doc
Product Info Viscosity (mPa.s)   Brookfield Rv, 2%  20℃ Doc
KDOCEL HPMC 100M 40,000 - 50,000 COA/TDS/MSDS
Product Info Viscosity (mPa.s)   Brookfield5% ,20 DOC
Starch ether KDO 210 3,500-5,500 COA/TDS/MSDS


Wall putty/Skim coat


 Advantages of KDO Additives for Wall Putty Skim Coat

  1. Enhance the adhesion of putty to various substrates
  2. Low chances of cracking, anti-shrinkage
  3. Easy to paste without stickiness, better workability
  4. No burble occur
  5. Increase the slide resistance
  6. Excellent working surface


 Kundu Chemicals  focus on providing high quality RDP KD 6010N, KDOCEL HPMC 100M and Starch ether KDO 210 to add to wall putty and skim coat to improve the performance of wall putty and skim coat for interior and exterior walls. If you're looking for additives for wall putty and skim coat, please trust us, we will provide more application cases to prove our chemical additives products. Contact us now.

Wall putty/Skim coat

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